Programmable Thermostats Can Help Reduce Energy Costs

Think about this- if a television can be programmed to record our favorite TV shows, then why can’t a thermostat be programmed to set different desired temperatures at different times of the day in our homes?

In any case, the good news is that it’s possible to program our thermostats, because that’s the exact function of a programmable thermostat, which is also referred to as setback thermostats. These devices allows for regulation of the temperature of our homes based on our needs; hence, lowering the overall consumption of energy used in your house and increasing the energy efficiency.

Here are some known advantages of installing a setback/programmable thermostat:

  • You get to save about 10% on your heating and cooling bills annually when you program your thermostat back to 10°–15° F 8 hours daily.
  • Endeavor to maintain peak home comfort levels by programming your thermostat to heat or cool your home before you or your family gets home.
  • Sleep in a comfortable and cool environment but wake up to a warm house!

A fact which is little known by people is that the more you lower your interior temperature, the slower it takes for heat loss to occur. Thus, the more you maintain a lower indoor temperature, the more saved energy you get. An increased indoor temperature in the summer season actually delays the convenient flow of heat into your living space, and this result in more savings on your air conditioning bill.

You can get to save energy during winter when you programming the thermostat to 68° F. Set the thermostat lower when you are asleep or away from home as to increase savings.

Energy is saved in the summer period by setting your temperature at 78° F. You should set it higher when you are away as it maximizes savings also.

If you choose to spend some money on a programmable thermostat, you should take into consideration your daily pattern of life when you are programming your thermostat. For instance, if you are the type that desires cooler temperatures when asleep, your thermostat should be programmed to begin to cool the house before you are off to bed, if you don’t do that, you’ll hardly notice the outcome. Ensure you adjust the temperature for you and your family’s schedules; if you are sure there won’t be anyone in the house during specific times of the day, you should program the thermostat properly to gain from this opportunity.

You can pick between two types of programmable thermostats, i.e. digital and electromechanical thermostats. The digital models have more features like the multiple setback options and daylight savings settings, though they can be a tad more complicated to operate than the electrochemical models. Contrary to this, the electromechanical models that work with sliding bars or pegs are simple to set but they usually offer limited options to users. Choice of thermostat type entirely depends upon the specific needs of the user.

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5 Reasons Why You Must Choose a Smart HVAC System for Your Home

Smart HVAC technology is one of the newest and most advanced development in the HVAC world. A Smart HVAC system utilises sensors to independently cause changes in the climatic conditions of a given space. Regardless of the type of home you have, you can also benefit from the user-friendly, advanced and intuitive nature of Smart HVAC systems. This article provides with five (5) reasons why you must choose these classic systems for your home.
1. Improved Energy Efficiency
A smart cooling and heating system uses thermal sensors to retrieve temperature data from some particular sections of your home. The collected data becomes integral to the decision making of the smart system; whether to produce more heated air or not. Occupancy sensors are also integrated into Smart HVAC systems to help them know when to turn on the heat and when to do otherwise. If a particular room is unoccupied for a certain amount of time, the occupancy sensor will turn off the heat source. The sensor-based temperature control scheme of these smart system helps you to save significantly on energy bills.
2. Better Air Quality
Choosing a Smart cooling and heating system for your home assures you of air free of drafts and stuffiness. Smart HVAC systems do not only utilise thermal and occupancy sensors, they also use sensors that measures carbon dioxide (CO2) levels. CO2 is relatively harmless to your body but high levels of this gas has been proven to have a negative effect on cerebration and decision making. When a smart HVAC system is put in place, it monitors CO2 levels and immediately a significant increase is detected in any section of your home, it automatically boosts the supply of fresh air to that zone to stabilise comfort levels.
3. Remote Access
Another intriguing feature of smart HVAC systems is the ability to control them remotely. You can remotely initiate heating or cooling in your home even when you are miles away with only a few touches on your smart devices. You no longer have to be in your home to gain access to your HVAC system, you can now do this from anywhere.
4. Lower Utility Bills and Reduced Carbon Footprint
Two of the biggest advantages of installing a smart HVAC system in your home are lower utility bills and lower carbon footprints. These smart systems will heat and/or cool your home more efficiently than a traditional HVAC system and they can also help you save up to about 20% in utility bills. Additionally, your carbon footprint is reduced significantly when you switch to a smart HVAC system. Lowering your carbon footprint is a right first step towards becoming eco-friendly.
You see why you must choose a smart HVAC system?
5. Adaptive Technology
A smart HVAC system offers you the opportunity to schedule your heating and cooling preferences and it also has the ability to learn your preferences and automatically tune itself aptly. So, if you want to avoid pressing buttons all the time, a smart HVAC system is the best option for you.

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Understanding the Importance and Benefits of Air Conditioning System Maintenance Service  

When the summer season is approaching, it is the right time that you use your air conditioning unit in order to make sure that it is still efficient and effective in maintaining the cool temperature of your home or office. This is the reason why it’s very important that you maintain your air conditioning system in a professional and regular manner so that you, your family, or your employees will enjoy the coolness it can bring within your residential or commercial property despite the hot summer season.    

Air Conditioning System Maintenance 

In addition to that, there are times when your ac system might work ineffectively or inefficiently or might not even work at all. So, if this happens, you need to have your air conditioning unit repaired or replaced with the help of a professional and dependable air conditioner repair service provider.   

The truth is that this can take time and you may have to sustain the sun’s extreme heat during the hot summer season. Luckily, you may be able to avoid these problems if you make sure that your air conditioning system is maintained and serviced regularly by an expert air conditioning repair service provider.    

How Important is Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance?   

An air conditioning system that is maintained regularly is less likely to get damaged. And, because of that, you do not have to invest a lot of money just to have your air conditioning unit repaired once in a while. In addition to that, a well-maintained air conditioning system will also provide you with dependable and uninterrupted service for many years to come. And, as a consequence, you will never have to spend too much on the unit’s replacement within only a few years.  

On the other hand, if you don’t maintain or service your air conditioning system in a regular and professional manner, chances are it will consume too much electricity and it will not be effective and efficient anymore. When this situation happens, you’ll have to pay a big amount of money every month since your energy consumption will be increased. But, if you keep your air conditioning system in good condition, the truth is that it will utilize electricity. In turn, this will lower down your energy consumption to a great extent.  

Therefore, it’s very clear that the regular and proper maintenance of your air conditioning system is very important for a lot of reasons. As a matter of fact, the system’s effective and efficient operation, low energy bills, as well as fewer repairs are considered some of the most important advantages of maintaining your air conditioning system. Because of these reasons, it’s highly advisable that you adhere to these important maintenance tips in order to keep your air conditioning system in great operational condition. Aside from that, if you want to make sure that your air conditioning system efficiently consumes energy as well as to enjoy the right temperature for your home uninterruptedly, always bear in mind that the regular and proper maintenance of your Tampa air conditioner is very important.  


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Five Reasons Why You Need to Have an Air Conditioning Unit  

If there is one thing that we can all agree on, it is the fact that summers are more enjoyable and tolerable when you’ve got an effectively and efficiently working air conditioning system in your home or office. As a matter of fact, we all know the feeling of going inside an air-conditioned home or office during a hot summer day, and that is the comfort.  

Air Conditioning Unit 

But, how bad is the issue? Well, in most states, the outdoor humidity can actually climb as high as ninety-four percent. That’s definitely far from the often recommended humidity, which is around thirty to fifty percent. In order to put that ninety-four percent number in perspective, experts said that in an average summer, most homes will be able to see around 7,300 liters of water that pass through them, which only come from humidity.  

In addition to that, the fact that RH or relative humidity is a more accurate measurement as to how hot something can feel, the situation will get much worse in the summer season since the interaction between pressure, heat, as well as water. In other words, around sixty percent humidity in the winter doesn’t feel like sixty percent humidity in the summer. But, the difference of temperature is much more pronounced than it would be with the absence of humidity. And for a lot of people, that reason is enough to make sure that your residential or commercial property has a dependable and efficiently working air conditioning unit. But, the truth is that, it is not the only important reason.  

As a matter of fact, more pressing for other people are the property and health risks, that can come with the unbearable humidity, something ac’s help to get rid of. So, here are some of the most important ways that an air conditioning unit can help us in our daily lives.  

Humidity Can Cause Damage to Your Home and Valuables

There are a lot of horror stories that you can point to, however, what’s clear is that trying to ignore the humidity levels can put your home, as well as your belongings in extreme danger. And, if you want to move out soon, it can also lower your home’s resale value.  

Humidity Can Bring Pests into Your House 

Experts actually see humidity as one of the major factors in controlling pest in a residential property. As a matter of fact, according to some studies, infestations of dust mite are usually completely cured through simply reducing the level of humidity below fifty percent. Aside from that, higher humidity levels can also increase the organic decay that bugs and other pests love. This is the reason why it’s best that you get a highly dependable air conditioning system in your home in order to make sure that the humidity level in your house will be reduced. If not, pests will definitely keep on visiting your home and the moment they see that your home’s humidity level is high, they will probably want to stay.  



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Reasons Why You Need an Air Conditioning Unit in Your Home

The use of air conditioning systems has already become compulsory in a number of houses and homes. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of people who just cannot live without an air conditioning unit in their residential or commercial property. People need air conditioning unit in their car, office, room, theater, warehouse, and almost everywhere. But, the question is, why do we need an air conditioning system?  

Air Conditioning Unit 

Sources of Heat  

Let’s continue with the different heat sources inside the room:  

The heat that is being produced by the human body.Actually, the human body is just like an engine. While an engine runs the vehicle by consuming fuel, the human body consumes food as well as performs work. Because of the burning of the fuel, a huge amount of heat is actually generated inside a car engine, which is then released by the exhaust. Just like that, the calories inside our body are also burnt. As a matter of fact, part of these calories is utilized to do the work while the rest of the calories present inside the human body generates heat and the heat will then be thrown to the atmosphere. Therefore, the human beings can be able to generate a huge amount of heat inside the home, office, or any space, which can lead to an increase in temperature as well as the creation of any uncomfortable situations. As the number of people inside a home or office increase, the overall amount of heat that is generated by them also increases.

Electronic and electrical appliances.In any room, like in an office, apartment, or home, there are definitely some electronic and electrical appliances. There can actually be coffee maker, tube lights, glass water heater, etc. The truth is that these can also play a very important role when it comes to generating heat inside the room, the creation of uncomfortable conditions, as well as increase of the temperature. In addition to that, the glass water heater and a coffee maker can also increase the humidity level inside a residential or commercial property.

Due to the sources of heat, we have mentioned above, the temperature inside the space becomes very high as well as the humidity can also be high. Thus, there can also be much lesser air flow inside the room. In fact, all these factors can lead to the creation of uncomfortable and stressful conditions inside the room.  

According to the studies that have been carried out by some HVAC engineer experts, it’s found that a person’s body can feel comfortable at just a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, fifty percent relative humidity as well as with sufficient flow of much cleaner air.   

The role of an air conditioning system is to remove the heat, that’s generated inside the room of an office or home, as well as maintains the temperature according to the needs and preferences of residential and commercial property owners. Now that you know the most important benefits of having an air conditioning system in your home, make sure that you have a well-functioning one to combat the heat.  

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